Paying too Much for Air Conditioning? These 4 Golden Tips Might Save You

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Paying too Much for Air Conditioning

Though centralized air conditioners consume more power than your traditional window and split A/Cs, however, they are definitely much more efficient as well. Rarely do people know but nowadays it’s possible to trim down their cooling costs. All one needs to do is follow some simple air conditioning tips that are listed below regardless of the air conditioning type that’s installed.

Following are some great tips that one can easily follow to make summers more pleasant and pockets friendly.

  1. Energy Star Products – Opting for air conditioners that have a healthy energy star rating ensures the consumers that the A/C will relatively consume much lesser energy as compared to others in the market who have less energy rating. Therefore, it’s a good idea to check the energy star rating of your centralised conditioning system. In case you found them to be less energy efficient then do not hesitate to replace them as their energy star counterparts can help you save lots of money in the long run.
  2. Thermostat Settings – Programmable thermostats are a neat way to control the level of cooling and subsequently cut down the consumption of power. One should always set the thermostat temperature to a few degrees lower than the temperature you usually set at home. An ideal setting of 78 degrees can keep entire area comfortably cool without burning a hole in your pocket. Any drastic changes, however, made in the temperature can lead to the consumption of more energy. Setting the temperature to a little less than the outdoor temperature will definitely ensure minimum load.
  3. Ventilation and Insulation – Attic space that’s well ventilated allows for maximum of the heat that’s absorbed by the roof to simply dissipate before it even gets towards the room’s ceiling. At this point of time cooler air begins to settle down and in order to prevent its escape, proper insulation comes in handy. Insulating your home will ensure that the cooling that has been achieved once does not get compromised by small cracks and crevices that are present in your home’s interiors. Using glazing glass window panes will further prevent the home to absorb UV rays and heat.
  4. Limit Heat Generating Devices – Presence of one or more constant heat producing sources inside the home will force the air conditioning unit to work extra so as to achieve the desired temperature. It will only increase the load on the conditioning unit forcing it to consume more power and eventually burn a hole in your pocket. So, always limit the usage of heat generating devices like bright lights and personal computers in daytime so that your air conditioning system does not have to do over time to keep you cool.

It’s an established fact that having lush green outdoors also help to maintain interiors of the home comfortable and cool. Regularly change the filters and place condenser units of your A/C under a sheltered and clutter-free spot so that hot air is efficiently flushed out of the home. We, at GCC Custom Electronics, are a leading electronic repair and replacement company in Canada. Contact us anytime to get more info about our services.