6 Signs That Indicate a Faulty Circuit Board

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Faulty Circuit Board

Did your production come to a sudden halt? Perhaps your industrial electronics are giving you all sorts of beeping and error codes. These are potentially costly problems to have especially when they affect the production. Our electronic repair Winnipeg experts give few signs that tell your circuit board may need repair or replacement:

  • Error codes: If the operator’s screen is showing error codes, it is a strong sign that complete failure is on the cards.
  • Warning beeps: This is an advance notice; check your manual for further information before a disastrous failure occurs
  • No power: Your unit will likely not work despite the power supply.
  • Corrupt data: The data won’t pass correctly, giving constant errors.
  • Random rebooting: When your equipment starts acting funny.
  • Smell: Does it smell like something is burning? It probably is.

There you go! The potential signs of a faulty circuit board. Smoke and fire are of course a bit more frightening than the others but all can be accountable for unwanted equipment down time.

What should you do if you think your circuit board is acting out?

This depends on your level of expertise with industrial equipment as well as your budget. And, also the amount of time you are willing to devote to DIY repairs. However, one of the simplest solutions here is to pull the circuit board and replace it with a spare one, and then bring the faulty board out for professional electronics repair Winnipeg.

If you are quite familiar with electronics, you may consider doing the following:

  • Visually inspect the circuit board for evident signs of failure, such as scratches or damage, burn marks, solder problems and cracked capacitors.
  • Check connectors to look for signs of corrosion. Clean them gently using an eraser and soft cloth.

To save you time, money and hassle, it is highly recommended bringing the bad circuit board to an experienced professional. This is one of the most time and cost efficient ways to have your board diagnosed and repaired. It is also important to have a working spare board handy.

If you are searching for a repair company for your faulty circuit board or other industrial electronics, contact GC Custom Electronics. We offer free evaluations for your faulty equipment and, if needed, free estimates for repairs. Contact our electronic repair Winnipeg company today.