Plasma Repair Services in Winnipeg

GC Custom Electronics is the leading provider of plasma repair services in Winnipeg. From simple repairs to machinery overhauls, we perform service repairs on all kinds of plasma equipments.

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Plasma Repair

Let Our Pros Fix Your Plasma Machine Issues

We offer repair for the refurbished and rebuilt machines as well as latest equipment on the market. Our vast experience in plasma repair gives us unique knowledge operating and servicing variety of equipments.

We have spare parts and components for both old and new plasma machineries. Our technicians are also capable to fabricate, or have fabricated, “new” parts for older equipments. We can create electrical and structural members for almost any part our customers may need for their plasma machinery. Moreover, we can also fabricate parts and components to retrofit older equipment with the newer one.

Retrofitting and refurbishing older equipment is much more affordable than purchasing new one.

Many electronic companies in Winnipeg rely on our repair expertise, and you can too!

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Why Choose Us?

If you are operating a metal fabrication shop, auto shop or any industrial workplace, seek services of experienced technicians whenever you notice an error in the operation of your plasma equipment. We have technicians who have specialty in providing plasma repair solutions. With our services your business will avoid:

  • Unwanted Downtime: The sooner you hire our professional repair services for your equipment, the lesser your business will suffer from frustrating downtime.
  • Spending more money: Without professional repair service, the issue with your plasma equipment may not be addressed properly and you may end up spending more on additional repairs. Worse, you may even need to buy a whole new equipment because of faulty diagnosis and repair.

GC Custom Electronics can fix a wide variety of issues involving all types of plasma equipments. Our repair services services ensure that your equipment’s performance stays at the optimum.

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Throughout our existence, we have always been successful in delivering honest and quality service to our customers. It is our commitment to give you the quality plasma repair experience. Our trained technician uses modern tools to pinpoint the exact issue with your unit and to deliver the best possible solution. We know time is important to you, and so it is to us. We strive to give you the fastest turnaround possible. And all of these come at the most affordable prices!

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